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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.                205

oners in a wretched state—the subjects of Marie
Antoinette's brother! I have given them a great

Yesterday the great pond was drained by
order, and the remaining fish sold. I had one
at my table, but not of the time of Fra^ois I.1

We have heavenly weather. I have just taken
a long walk by moonlight in the forest, and meant
to have written more, but am too tired. I know
not whether I shall receive any letters during the
embargo, or if mine will reach their destination;
at all events, I shall have had the pleasure of
writing. So God bless you all!

April 22nd, 1797.

Nothing more has occurred since my last, in
the political line; but in my private concerns a
great increase of agrSment has taken place, as M.
de Maulde and his two daughters have been with
me some days. As he and his wife are like two
buckets in a well (that is, totally incompatible

i Some of the carp were said to have   been   placed
there in the time of that monarch.